General English



About This Course

The General English Course aim’s to develop students’ social practical communication skills in terms of four English skills: listening, speaking and pronunciation, reading and writing including grammar.

This English course is a 20 hour/week course designed to give students the opportunity for rapid progress in all facets of the English language. Classes are structured from Beginner levels right through to Advanced level.

Morning and evening English classes are available. We teach students grammar, writing, pronunciation, and other basic skills. These lessons correspond with conversation class, where students can use the skills they have learned in a more practical, casual setting. Conversation classes will vary in theme, so students can use a broad range of useful vocabulary.



Duration: 4-72 weeks

Testing: Students will take a placement test on arrival and are then placed in a class based on the test results. They will also receive a student orientation introducing the rules, such as NSEC’s strict English Only policy. Students will be given progress tests to help them evaluate their performance. Classroom performance is also monitored and further recommendations are made on areas requiring attention and how they could make progress. Throughout a month, students are tested on Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing.

Levels: Beginner English
Elementary English
Pre-Intermediate English
Intermediate English
Upper Intermediate English
Advanced English

Further study: Students who complete our general English courses at an Intermediate Level will be able to undertake educational or vocational courses. Students wishing to take IELTS preparation should finish an Intermediate Level course.
Students will receive a College Certificate of proficiency at the completion of their course and a Statement of Attendance.