NSEC Difference

At North Sydney English College, we pride ourselves on providing a friendly, happy and cultured environment – while maintaining high standards of educational excellence. We do this by paying attention to individual student needs and having a genuine interest in student welfare. For all our English courses, the College employs qualified teachers and offers a student support service. Our teachers are one of a kind and have created an atmosphere paralleled by none other. The environment, the premises and the culture that exists at North Sydney English College is most enviable and attracts students from all over the world.

What Our Students Have To Say

I had the best luck for studying with Anne Teacher at intermediate class because she is amazing teacher that I have seen. She cares every students and enthusiastic in teaching She have the best skill to communicates and explains various words to easy understand for international students. Occasionally , she act like a somebody in dramas to explain the meaning of the vocabulary so I feel so happy and enjoyable all the time for studying in this class with Ann.
I have improved my English language in this college and I highly recommend taking one of those courses. I am in the IELTS preparation class and I have learned a lot of tips about the IELTS test. Rick is the teacher of this course and He really wants to help you to improve in the test and He always has time for practicing the speaking section and checking my essays (Writing section). If you have the opportunity to study with him for the IELTS test, please do not miss his class.
It’s very nice school.
All teachers are positive and welcome the student with a big smile. The Dual Language teachers work hard for their students and collaborate across all grade levels . The teachers is very helpful and they are experts know how to improve the english knowledge for all
student’s. The teachers create a fun, safe, and loving learning environment!
We had a wonderful day today with our teachers whom name is Mary and Jenny, we want to thank the teachers for the nice excursion to Mosman.
Good staff, kind teacher.
This is the best school in CBD. Great teachers, cool classmates. Absolutely number 1!
If you want to live a unique experience and meet nice people and lovely teachers, you must study at North Sydney English College. We are having the best experience here!
I am very happy with the quality and service in the college. I have learned a lot and all staff and students are very nice.
We enjoyed a lot my time here in North Sydney English College: teachers are amazing and we have many friends from all over the world (Colombia, Japan, Korea). Our best memories here is during our excursion in Watson Bay and in Bronte Beach. We do recommend this school, it’s awesome!
Here you can find a lot of International people, I’m full of friends now! It’s good to see people from different cultures.
Teachers are positive and full of energy! There’s a big mixture of cultures! I have many international friends here!
We are a Colombian couple that had recently taken an IELTS test. We are glad to share with NSEC our results. Angela reading 7; writing, listening, speaking 6.5; Jonathan Reading, listening 8.5; speaking 7.0; writing 6.5; Our IELTS course was crucial to get those scores. We would like to recommend this course to everyone who needs it. Yours faithfully
I would like to thank Leticia teacher, because she was a very big support during my first months in this College. She is a very good teacher! I’m happy in this College because I feel that everyday I learn someting new. Thank you for everything North Sydney College!
I had a fabolous experience at North sydney English College. when I came here I was Upper Intermediate and now I’m advanced! My teacher was Gregory, he really is a great teacher! The class was fun and interesting and my skills improved a lot! He helped me to feel confident to speak English. Thank you for giving a lot of memories and experience!
My experience in North Sydney English College IELTS Preparation class has been good. I’ve not had any kind of problems.
The first thing impresses me at the college was the friendly and helpful services from staffs. I acknowledge they provided conditions are very clean and comfortable. The friendly and kindness teachers are also an attractive point to me. I enjoyed every day class with friends and took an advantage in English improvement. I had a very valuable time spent there for 4 weeks, remained such lots of thing. I hope the college keep going with these activities and hope all students will enjoy the classes.